You can’t buy self-confidence right? No. But you can get it through friendship. Your Physie friends have your back. They are your cheer squad and that means not just cheering for you when you do well but telling you you’re awesome even when you don’t. This is all part of helping girls to cope with failure and grow in resilience from the experience.

Physie classes and the culture of club spirit provide an ideal environment for friendships to form. And because you can dance at Physie for your whole life, those friendships can last a lifetime.  It’s a common story to hear that two Physie friends, now in the later part of their life, have been friends and team-mates for decades – sometimes as long as 60 and even 70 years!

Social and emotional learning is just as important for wellbeing as physical and academic learning. There’s a special kind of camaraderie between Physie girls who train and compete together in team events year after year. It’s like they move through life milestones and rites of passage together.

If your daughter hasn’t yet discovered Physie, get her involved now in a sport that will not only teach her to dance and be strong, but will give her the chance to form unbreakable social bonds. And what about you?  Isn’t it time to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, who celebrate your uniqueness? Don’t you deserve your own personal cheer squad?  Get yourself into a Wellbeing Program now… it’s called Physie class.  No prior experience necessary.  BYO smile! 🙂