“I’m so glad my daughter Skye decided to sign up for Physie. It’s been amazing watching her grown and blossom. Skye has always been quite shy and, in the beginning, I did have my reservations about whether she take part. There have been lessons where we’ve had lots of tears because she’s been too nervous to join in but, with the gentle persuasion of her fantastic teachers, she has joined in and finished the class beaming!

Since starting Skye has now competed in her first 2 interclubs which saw her place 3rd at Wynnum-Manly and 2nd at Mermaid Beach. On the morning of both of Skye’s competitions she has woken full of excitement, ready to rock and roll and I think I was more nervous than she was!!Skye and frieind

Seeing her up there standing tall is such a proud moment for me. Watching her dance her little heart out makes me smile from ear to ear. I’d like to share my gratitude towards Julie and everyone at Westside Physie.

I know that Skye competing just wouldn’t have been possible without the support she received since starting. Julie and Jemma worked through Skye’s tears and nerves and created a confidence in our girl we never knew could be possible.

Skye is so proud to be a part of team Westside and I am proud to be a physie mum.”