5-6 year team can we do it againIt’s team competition time in the country zones and in Queensland and we wanted to share this photos of super cute 5-6 year olds in their first ever team.

We asked some teachers what it’s like to present their teams at the annual physie championships and here’s what they said:

“It’s exhausting! But it’s so worth it.”

“It’s amazing when they all get dressed in their black leotards and get out on the floor, then suddenly they look like a team! You think to yourself wow, they’re actually doing it!”

the day after junior teams in qld“I just love watching them performing. I suddenly think how much they’ve achieved in the last 12 months and I feel so proud of them.”

“Exciting is the word – they are jumping out of their skin with excitement – and you feel it too. They’re so happy and proud of themselves – it’s hard not to be proud of them too.”

“When they come off the floor and say ‘Can we do it again?” then you know you’re doing something right as a teacher. You’ve given them a great experience.”

“It’s all about the fun – they’re often more interested in the lolly bag than the medals because the experience is more important than the result.”

and finally… “Thank goodness for sunny, windy days after team comps!”