800_0694 When you see a flash of red at physie comps it means you’ve spotted a teacher.


She’s always there in the background making the competitions happen, organising heats, walking a hundred miles, putting on lippy, pinning on numbers, playing the music, putting down markers, taking them up, giving hugs, giving encouragement, holding her breath, pinning in bows, giving a pep talk, doing a high five being and generally being really proud of you.  


In fact, she wouldn’t miss your comp for the world.  We asked some teachers what motivates them to teach physie. Here are their answers:

“I love all my girls, they keep me energised.”


“Watching them grow and develop, from little tiny tots to amazing, strong women.”


Seeing them make friends and learn to work in a team – to be able to compete against their friends and still be friends.”


“Knowing that I’m making a difference to them… to their future – a real difference.”

“It doesn’t matter how busy my life gets, there will always be time for my physie girls. Always!”


“I just think about what physie has given me – all the skills and confidence and friendship – and I want to pass that on… and I want them to grow up and pass it on too.”