What an exciting thought to consider that the next 10 years of Physie history is about to be written.  A new decade of Physie has begun.

The syllabus is being meticulously studied and learned by Associates in clubs across the nation. These committed teachers are not only preparing to teach the syllabus but are excited to nurture their students throughout their Physie journey.

There is nothing quite like a new beginning to refresh enthusiasm and motivate both new and experienced Physie girls and women!  Perhaps you are planning to improve your fitness or have high hopes for competitions in 2020? Maybe you are stepping into a new role as assistant teacher or this is the year you take the leap from junior to senior girl?

As any seasoned Physie girl will tell you, each year of Physie is unique. You may make new friendships and create lasting memories with your Physie family. You are challenged in certain areas of the syllabus, and your mindset, which strengthens your determination to succeed. You are inspired and you inspire. You find your unique strengths and celebrate the strengths of others. You eagerly learn each count of your routines, which are strangely familiar and refreshingly new at the same time! And you smile at the knowledge that many of these songs will now become a part of your own personal life soundtrack.

As you prepare for another year of marching, counting to 16, hearing your teacher say, “One more time!” for the sixth time and dreaming of leotard designs, remember to enjoy the journey from start to end.

Happy New Physie Year!
Tamara Stiller