Terms and Conditions of Registration

As a registered member of a BJP club I accept and understand I have the right to learn the BJP Syllabus, attend class and compete in any individual competitions run by BJP .  This also applies to Team competitions providing my club can provide a team in my age/status category.  I also understand that competition is not compulsory and I have the right to choose not to compete if I so desire.

I understand that once my registration is complete, there will be no refund available.

Once  registered with a BJP club I understand and accept that I may only belong to one club and cannot apply for transfer to another club after 15th March this year unless I have a legitimate change of residential address bringing me closer to the club I wish to transfer to, or if my present club can no longer offer a BJP syllabus class for me.   

I agree to abide by all current BJP rules.

I agree to abide by any BJP directives issued at any time.

BJP will use the information provided on this form, as well as other information it obtains from you to administer BJP Physie, its events and competitions throughout Australia, and in any activities in which you participate through BJP Physie, and to care for, and supervise, activities in which you are involved in.  In some cases this may require BJP Physie to disclose the information to BJP affiliated clubs.  In the event of a medical or child safeguarding issue arising, BJP Physie may disclose certain information to doctors or other medical specialists and/or to police, children’s social care, the courts and/or probation officers and, potentially, to legal and other advisers involved in an investigation.

I accept BJP’s disclosure policy.

BJP Physie may, from time to time, record or take photographs at displays, competitions and other events organised by BJP Physie for the purpose of promoting BJP Physie. These recordings or images may be used by BJP Physie on its website, social media pages, advertising material or in publications or mainstream media.

I consent to BJP Physie taking recordings, photographs or using my image for these purposes.

Members’ Code of Conduct:

  • Treat all members as you would like to be treated.
  • Show respect for and co-operate with your teachers and other officials, without them there would be no competition.
  • Be humble when you win and graceful when you lose.
  • Don’t seek excuses or blame the judges or your teacher when you lose but aim for self-improvement.
  • Do not criticise other members or competitors.
  • Be a good sport. applaud other competitors whether they are from your club or another.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team. The team will benefit and so will you.
  • Be loyal to your club and support it.
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all competitions and comply with any directives issued by BJP officials.
  • Be mindful to avoid comments that are offensive to BJP and its members, including what you post on social media.

I agree to abide by the BJP Code of Conduct for members as set out above.     


Members should be aware that this is an excerpt only of the BJP Rules.  The full document is provided to Associates and contains complex rules on specialist areas of competitions and composition of teams.


  1. Members 5 years and older must be registered regardless of whether they compete. Unregistered members may not learn the BJP syllabus.
  2. BJP Registration and payment is now only an on-line process.
  3. Registration is $77 per person including GST.
  4. Individuals may only register with one club.
  5. Members returning on or before 15th March may register with any club they wish.
  6. Members returning after 15th March must return to the club they belonged to the previous year, unless they apply for and are granted a Transfer of Registration.
  7. Transfer of Registration will only be granted if the member has a genuine change of address bringing her closer to the club she wishes to join. Applications are submitted by Associates on behalf of their members using the appropriate form and proof of address is required.
  8. If a club closes all or some of its classes during the year, members from those classes are eligible for Transfer of Registration.


  1. Competitions are open to registered BJP members 5 years and older.
  2. A competitor’s age on 31st August is deemed to be her age for competitions.
  3. Members may only compete in one Champion Girl category.
  4. Members must compete in the category determined by their age.
  5. Champion Girl competitors must compete in the zone that their club has been zoned in.
  6. Members must compete on the date published in the Competition Timetable.
  7. Competition entry fees are $10 per person for Champion Girl and $10 per team including GST.
  8. Girls 4 years and younger may not compete in Champion girl.
  9. 4 year olds may compete in Interclubs and/or 5-6 year teams, provided they register to learn the BJP 5-6 year syllabus and have had their 4th birthday by 1st September that year.
  10. Champion Girl and Team competitions in any category will be held only if sufficient entries warrant it.
  11. Members must be 18 years of age or older to compete in Ladies categories.
  12. Junior girls 5-14 years are not required to perform the full splits and may bend the back leg without penalty.


  1. Competitors at zone must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time in the BJP Timetable.
  2. All places awarded will be in accordance with the official BJP Numbers Table, with a maximum of 5 places being awarded and those placegetters qualifying for Junior Nationals.
  3. All Junior zone finalists aged 6-14 years qualify for Repechage, but not placegetters.
  4. The 5 placegetters in each age category at Repechage qualify for Junior Nationals.
  5. If age categories are combined and more than 5 places are awarded then only the first 5 placegetters are eligible to compete at Nationals, the remainder qualify for Repechage.


Interclubs are arranged by host clubs not by BJP management and may only be held if the host club makes a successful application for a licence to BJP.

  1. Host clubs running Interclub competitions must uphold the BJP rules, including dress rules.
  2. The maximum fee for participants is $8 and for audience members is $5.
  3. All Interclub competitors must be registered with BJP, including 4 year olds.
  4. Clubs may participate in no more than two interclub competitions. They may host one and attend another or attend a maximum of two. No member may compete in 3 Interclubs.
  5. Participation in an interclub will alter status for Seniors and Ladies and they must progress to the next level the following year regardless of whether they compete at zone.


  1. Only leotards supplied by the official BJP supplier Danz Design may be worn.
  2. Danz Design leotard styles from current or any previous year may be worn.
  3. For Champion Girl, Juniors up to 12 years must wear Junior style leotards. Seniors 15 years up to Ladies must wear Senior styles.  13-14 years may wear either Junior or Senior styles.
  4. In teams plain black leotards in Jenny, Taylor, Judy or previous team styles may be worn.
  5. Ladies may choose the BJP supplied black Supplex team outfit for teams or Champion Lady.
  6. In teams, any hair accessories may be worn but no other accessories or props of any kind are permitted during competition or the prize-giving presentations.
  7. Competitors of any age may wear plain or mesh skin-coloured stirrup tights.
  8. Seniors (15 years and older) and Ladies may wear foot thongs.
  9. If strapping tape is worn, it must be skin-coloured.
  10. Hair accessories may not be worn by Seniors (15 years & older) or Ladies in individual events but may be worn in teams. Wedding rings and small stud earrings (gold, silver or gem) may be worn but no other jewellery is permitted. For Juniors see below.


  1. HAIR STYLES – Girls may only wear their hair in simple styles. No teasing of any part of the hair or pinned curls are permitted. Long hair may be worn in a ponytail, plaits, bunches, half up/half down or loose. Ballet buns may be worn low at the nape of the neck only. No false hair pieces are permitted.
  2. HAIR ACCESSORIESFOR CHAMPION GIRL: Plain coloured ribbon no wider than 2.5cm may be worn, either in satin, nylon or lycra.  The ribbon may be tied around the ponytail/s in a single bow only or may be worn as a head band.  No multi-coloured or patterned ribbons may be worn. No accessories other than hair-coloured pins and elastics are permitted.  Foam donut inserts are not permitted. No coloured hairspray or hair glitter may be worn. FOR TEAMS: Any hair accessories and ribbons/bows of any fabric and pattern may be worn.
  3. TAN – Girls may not wear any leg, face or body tan or coloured moisturiser in any competition, except where Junior girls are taken up to a senior team (but these girls may not wear tan in their champion girl event, even if it is scheduled on the same weekend).
  4. MAKE UP – Lipstick, blush and foundation may be worn. No face or body glitter may be worn. 5-12 years may not wear any eye-makeup including eye liner, mascara, false eye-lashes or eye shadow.  13-14 years may wear eye-liner and mascara but nothing else.
  5. JEWELLERY – No jewellery of any type may be worn. However, if girls have just had their ears pierced and cannot remove the studs they must be covered with skin-coloured tape.
  6. NAILS – Girls may not wear any nail polish or acrylic, gel or any other kind of false nails.

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What people say

“I am so lucky to share this wonderful sport with my two sisters and daughter. I get to enjoy watching my daughter’s passion for Physie grow, just as mine did, and I love that we have such a special connection through Physie.”


“I’m so glad that a friend convinced me to take my daughter to her first Physie lesson. It gets her moving, off her devices and it improves her posture, confidence & flexibility.


“Ten years ago, I went looking for a fun and affordable dance sport for my 4 year old daughter. We found Physie and have never looked back!”


Physie is an elegant way of developing fitness, grace and strength in girls and women. At BJP, we are proud of how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered a true sense of community and a sport for life.”

Jackie Rawlings, BJP Director

“My daughter absolutely LOVES Physie and so do I! Above all else, Physie has allowed us to join a beautiful network of amazing women.” 


“I began Physie at the age of three and have loved it ever since. Physie has taught me to be creative and confident but the best part is the lifelong friendships which I treasure!”

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