downloadIt’s kind of weird that tanning in physie has NEVER been compulsory yet parents have been painting, spraying and sponging tan on kids for decades in the belief that someow it increases their chances of success.

physie kids

When tanning for junior girls was banned 10 years ago there was a bit of an outcry from some and collective sigh of relief from others.



Now there’s a whole generation of young physie women who have never worn tan at comps and haven’t missed it.

And even the senior girls and ladies who are allowed to wear it have toned it right down with many choosing to wear no tan at all and, not surprisingly, still managing to take home the prizes.

In this day and age when the very idea of ‘the right skin colour’ is not only irrelevant but inappropriate, it’s just fantastic to see girls being allowed to be themselves in all their diversity of beauty.
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