Runcorn Physie club had their first big event for 2013 when they had 60 girls aged between 2 and 12 years performing at the MacGregor Mayfest, a local community event held annually with live entertainment performances.

Here’s the story from teacher, Stephanie…

“We held 3 special practices to prepare for the performance, where our ‘old’ girls helped to teach their ‘new’ physie friends some of last year’s routines.  Their favourite is still the BJPop! The girls had a blast at the practices and it was really great to see my 9-12 years take responsibility and lead the Preschoolers and 5-8 year groups, both in practices and on the stage.

For many of the girls, it was their first time ever performing in front of an audience and to see them get up on stage so early in the year in front of a crowd of hundreds was a very proud moment for me. They represented our club and BJP so fantastically and the excitement is already building for their next local performance in 2 weeks’ time!”