Astride Sit

Astride sit requires flexibility in the inside thigh (to open the legs) and in the hips (to keep the legs turned out) as well as a strong core to keep an upright back.  Turnout and correct posture are more important than how wide the legs can go.

Tips for astride sit

  • Sitting on the floor ensure you are lifting up out of your hips.
  • Your back needs to be as straight possible.
  • Ensure your body is not leaning forward. You can practice sitting against a wall to give you a guide on how far back you are required to sit to get a straight line.
  • Tighten your body core.
  • Lift the chest and keep the shoulders down.
  • Hands should be stretched out to touch the floor with fingertips in line with your hips.
  • Legs need to be fully extended and open. Ensure legs are turned out and not rolling in towards the middle. Push to lower the little toe toward the floor.
  • Head lifted in line with your back.
    Unknown-1The picture on the left shows the correct turnout of the legs and feet – i.e. legs are rolled outwards, not inwards- and this girl has a lovely straight back, even though her astride is very wide.
    The second picture shows astride sit from side on, so that you can see that the head  is directly above the  hips and there is no leaning forward with the body. 800_6448