It’s very important never to overstretch your muscles, no matter how enthusiastic you are about becoming more flexible.

Signs of over stretching

  • Feeling a burning sensation while you are stretching
  • Feeling the muscle tearing/pulling strongly while you are stretching rather than a slight pull
  • Over-bearing or shooting pain occurs while stretching
  • Swelling in the muscle after you have stretched it
  • A sudden decrease in athletic output/performance

Tips to avoid over stretching:

  1. Always warm up before you stretch.
  1. When holding a stretch, make sure that you do it for no more than 30-60 seconds.
  1. Avoid bouncing while stretching (especially with hamstring muscles).
  1. Stretch within your comfort zone.

And remember, always take slow and deep breaths while you are stretching and relax your body.


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