800_6425The trunk forward bend (or TFB for short) looks easy but is not that easy to execute perfectly. From the standing position, push your chest forward and turn on your core muscles for control as you bend forward.  Push the back of your legs backwards as you go as this will help you get a better stretch in your hamstrings and help you balance. Keep the head in line with the body – you are looking for a straight line from head to hands that is exactly parallel to the floor.800_6427The most common flaw we see in a trunk forward bend at astride is when the feet are not turned out. At astride it’s easier to get a flat back when your feet are in the parallel position but it’s not correct. They must be turned out so that the toes point to the inclines. When you take a step to astride in preparation for a trunk forward bend, your feet don’t move as you bend forward but must stay glued to the floor.  If your routine requires you to take yard with your arms, a handy tip (to make sure your arms are in the right place) is to look straight to the floor and use your peripheral vision to spot your hands. If you can’t see your hands, they are too far back or too high (or both). Happy practising!