Dance underwaterThis week  we’re talking about grooming – there’s so much more to consider than just “what colour will I wear?” so we’ll try to answer some of your questions.

Q: Should I wear tights or bare legs?
A:  Both are totally fine. It’s a personal choice.  If you do go for tights, make sure they are not floppy around your feet (it makes your feet look like paddles) and go for the “Light Toast” colour.


Q: What’s the best leotard leg height?
A: Our leotard leg height was brought down slightly lower this year (called “ballet leg”) to keep in line with the current fashion. But the same leotard will appear to be a different height on 2 different girls, because of their size, shape and the length of their body.  There’s no right or wrong leg length but bear in mind that when it’s too high, the hip bone is exposed which looks ugly and when they are too low, it can make the legs look very short in proportion to the body.

Q: Where should I put my number?
A: I’m so glad you asked!!  Your number should be exactly halfway between the level of the bottom of your leotard’s armhole and the level of the top of your leotard’s leg height.  This will give you a balanced look, rather than being top or bottom heavy.  It should NEVER be lower than your naval.  There’s a trend to put them lower and lower but it’s not a good look and, if you have any hip movement at all when you march, it will just accentuate this.  (Do we need to say your number should be pinned straight?)800_1770

Q: What colour is the best colour to wear?”
A: The colour that you feel great in!  Think about the colours of your favourite outfits and go for those. If you feel great in a particular colour, you will look great too.  There are no special colours that win prizes more often than any other colours.  So wear what suits you and makes you feel good!

Q: Should I wear a two-colour leotard?
A: Why not?  There’s a wives’ tale that a one colour leotard is better because it’s less ‘busy’ or doesn’t ‘chop you up’.  But there are many stunning two-colour leotards out there, the wearers of which have been very successful.  It’s a personal choice, so go for what makes you feel good.

Too much cutenessQ: Can I wear a leotard style that’s not currently on sale?
A: Of course you can.  All styles are equally valid and  you can wear leotards from as many years ago as you wish.

Q: Can I wear the same leotard I wore last year?
A: Let’s be honest – no-one, except maybe your mum, is going to remember what you wore last year…