Seniors week has just finished so it’s appropriate to tell you about our very own BJP physie seniors!

The ‘senior ladies’ of Gladesville/Ryde Club are living proof that there is no age limit for an active, healthy lifestyle.

The average age of this physie exercise class is 70 years, a number that speaks volumes to how good BjP Physie is for the body, mind and soul.

The class offers Senior Ladies the opportunity to join in the exercise and dance routines at any level. Some ladies have been with the club ever since joining as a child and others have just started just this year – but all are enjoying the challenge to learn while making new friendships too.

Says one member Shirley (3rd from right in the pic below) “I’m 80 and I can do everything a 60 year old can do! I’m living proof that physie is good for you, so get into it!”

If you’d like to join give us a call today on 02 9858 5122 .



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