2015-01-27 22.36.30Senior physie girls are such an inspiration to the young girls of our sport and even more so when their name is “Ana”. My daughter Tyra is a big fan of the movie Frozen and it’s main character “Ana”.  Last year Tyra was lucky enough a to meet a real-life Ana (from St Lukes physie) when attending a workshop and from then on Tyra was just in awe….

When Ana WON her section at opera house last December, Tyra was just so delighted and she insisted on having a photo with her!  She said, “Oh mummy, she was just so beautiful!!”

I’d just like to say thank you to Ana for taking the time to share her glory with my little girl. She was so humble, so gracious and so professional in her approach to her newest fan and she truly is an inspiration! Tyra’s mum.