One of the most wonderful things about physie is the friendships that are formed.  There’s something very special about a physie friend.  You work side by side at class, you pull together in teams, you compete against each other and remain friends and, most importantly, you are there for each other no matter what the outcome is.

Learning to win and lose gracefully is important but learning to support your team-mates in their journey is the essence of true sportsmanship.

There are so many physie ladies who are in teams today with friends that they met at physie when they were kids.  And for many, these friendships have played a significant and supportive role in their lives, some for 50 years or more.

What other sport has such longevity and can be a part of your life, for the whole of your life?  Where else can you experience something as child, watch your children enjoy the same things you did and then see your grandchildren do the same…