“My physie idol is Kamya Jennings because she is really good at Physie and want I to be a champion like her at Opera House Nationals.

I met her when I was on the DVD with her and she was very friendly. Whenever we see each other at Interclubs and at Junior Nationals she gives me a good luck gift.

I get excited when I know I will be seeing her at an Interclub. She has very good positions and balances and she just grooves to the music.

IMG_2850 I was very lucky that I was able to travel to Sydney to see her compete at Opera House Nationals and she was fantastic and won!

Here is a photo of my sister Jessica and I with Kamya before she competed at Opera House Last year.

Then we saw her again at the airport with her massive trophy when we were flying back home.”

Natasha Brierley


I’d like one of those please…

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