My physie idol is Anelyse Laraghy. I first saw Anelyse perform at Homebush in 2010. I was in awe watching her precision and enthusiasm. Over the years I couldn’t wait to watch her at comps and learn from her strength, expression and enjoyment of physie.

In 2012 my physie dreams came true in two ways: not only did I place 3rd at Junior Nationals (which was exciting enough!) but it was the day I got to meet my idol. Anelyse congratulated me at the stage door and made me feel so special! Since that day we have kept in touch, she gives me advice and encouragement  and I feel lucky and blessed to have this very special person as my physie friend.

But there’s another inspiration in physie and that’s my teacher, Jessica who inspires me to be the best person I can be. Her dedication and love of all things physie is totally infectious! She has taught me the true spirit of physie. I class myself as one very lucky physie girl for having both these beautiful, amazing role models in my life.

Rebekah Smith