I’m dressed in all my Physie gear,
Physie Zoom is due at 7.
I’ve practised all my drills and steps.
I’m in my seventh Heaven.

I press the ‘Join In’ button
And get started in on Zoom.
I’ve cleared some space, no junk around,
I check…There’s loads of room.

The audio is wonky
But it’s just a little hitch.
Wait! Is that balance to be held that long?
Not another frozen glitch!

Miss M begins a plie.
She says, “Do this on 3”.
But I missed counts 1 and 2!
Oh help! What’s wrong with me?

Maddison’s lips are moving,
No sound…Just static air.
I’m getting agitated,
My nostrils start to flair.

I yell out to my family,
“Turn your net connection OFF!”
They groan and splutter loudly.
(Hope it’s not Corona cough!)

I stamp my foot and roll my eyes,
Fold my arms across my chest.
I’m having trouble keeping up
But I’m trying my very best.

I carry on relentless
But things are looking grim.
My chances of remembering moves
Are looking mighty slim.

I’ll never get the hang of this.
I’m looking such a slob.
But divine Miss M just smiles at us.
“Good work, my girls! Great job!”

She’s worked so hard, does not complain.
Supported by her team
Has set up Zoom and online class,
For us to chase our dream.

I struggle on, feeling guilty,
Everyone’s getting it ‘cept me.
I may as well just give it up!
Next year’s opportunity.

But wait! …..What’s wrong with me?
It’s not like me to moan.
This is just a crazy time
And I’m not here on my own.

So, I sit right down and have a chat…
A pep-talk to myself.
I pull down that old goal list,
The one sitting on the shelf.

‘Make sure you’ve gone through all your steps,
End of April at the most.
By end of May, you’ve remembered them.
By June? A piece of toast!’

It’s then I realize something grand.
I’m OK, on track, and up to date.
I’ve been blaming this Corona thing
For my current ‘hopeless’ state.

This is just a microscopic bug,
A cell without a brain.
And yet it has us petrified
And sending us insane.

Sure it’s changed a lot of things
And sent us in a spin.
But, for me, Physie must carry on.
I’m NOT giving up, I’m IN!

I know it won’t be easy.
Tricky? Tough? Sure thing!
What about comps and leotards?
How long’s a piece of string?

All these things I can’t control.
I can only check on me,
So, for now, I’m heading back to Zoom
And the Network. My Physie!

I’m going to work so very hard.
Holding on to my dream
That, if I practise hard enough,
My physie will simply gleam.

When Corona Chaos has ended,
And I believe it will,
I want to get back to Physie
Looking sharp, with perfect skill.

I challenge you to join me,
Straighten your crown and give a grin.
Make Maddison and ourselves so truly proud.
Go Strathpine! Are you in?

Now…..where’s that Zoom button?

Written by Linda from Strathpine Physie Club

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