1486619_10152467832898499_1819597343064098665_n“This is 5 year old Niamh and her 12 year old idol, Nikki. Niamh has always been very shy and didn’t even want to come into class at all in first term.  Nikki took her under her wing and was always encouraging her to practice her physie and made her promise to go into class. Finally there was a breakthrough and Niamh began coming to every class and blossoming into a beautiful little physie girl! Nikki was there cheering her on every step of the way and was so proud of Niamh when she competed in Qld this year and qualified for Nationals! My favourite part of teaching is seeing the relationship between the “big girls” and the “littlies”. I remember being in awe of my idols when I was growing up and now they are some of my closest friends. So it makes me really happy when my girls also get to experience that special relationship.”  Maddison