“It was a fantastic turn out and the girls had a really great time”, says Melbourne teacher Natalie. It was the inaugural Melbourne Dance Day and with approximately 200 girls and a crowd just as big to see all clubs together displaying their routines, it was a huge success! “This wasn’t a competition” says Natalie, “no numbers, no prizes but lots of useful feedback and a chance for all the clubs to learn a little from each other. Oh and not to mention the cutest tiny tot display we have ever seen!!”  11425131_922338094474765_3804255020109987413_n

Doncaster, Whitehorse, Berwick, Stonnington and Melbourne City clubs all took part.  Planning is now underway for a 2 day event for all clubs next year to improve strength and technique so the zone can get even stronger and have more experiences to talk and share about.  That’s what Physie is all about and it’s great to see the Melbourne zone embracing the concept that we are all one big Physie family….