comps 2013 061

The best part about judging: giving out prizes

The comp season is hotting up now with Repechage tomorrow and Ladies Nationals on Sunday. At this point it’s appropriate to say “THANKS” to all the teachers who give up so much of their time voluntarily to judge our competitions.  Without the judges there would be no competitions!

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Teams weekend 2013 judges

Next weekend there will be 48 judges required for all the team events at Homebush and another 68 the weekend after that!  All in all there are around 250 judging positions that need to be filled, so next time your judges are introduced, give them a big clap – they really deserve it.

judges tamworth

Mucking around at the B&B after a loooong day

judges 2

At the airport en route to Qld to judge

It’s not easy being a judge: choosing the best physie is the easy part but you always have to leave someone out and that’s hard.  Judging is a job that must be done if there’s to be a competition but it doesn’t make breaking hearts any easier. So spare a thought for the judges next time you miss out – they’re probably just as sad as you.  And if they give you a prize, remember to say ‘thank you’!