My daughter Rebecca joined Everton Physical Culture Club a year ago. She was keen to dance and I didn’t want to spend a fortune. This local club of BJP Physie where all you needed was a leotard and a love of dance sounded just what we were looking for.

As time passed I watched in awe as my little girl developed poise and confidence. She was enthusiastic about the class and her teacher, Ainsley. She listened and worked hard to improve her skills in a relaxed, nurturing environment.  When she performed for the first time, I sat with tears in my eyes. She performed with a style and grace I had no idea she possessed. Ainsley had brought out a side of my daughter I had never seen before.

Arriving at her first competition, I had no idea what was in store for us. I was a bundle of nerves but Rebecca just couldn’t wait to perform. The rest of the club surrounded her and swept her along in their enthusiasm and love of Physie. The team vibe wasn’t something I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised. The way the team supported each other with a genuine interest was overwhelming. I now knew we had joined something unique and very special.

Physie has exposed Rebecca to new experiences and has increased her confidence. While dancing is fun, gaining fitness and the self-awareness of how to control your body are positive outcomes also. She has experienced ‘giving it her all’ and still not winning a place. This is a valuable life lesson – not everyone is a winner all the time.

When Rebecca was asked to become a part of a team performance, she was excited to be performing with her friends. They worked really hard and did their best routine yet. I’m not sure who was more thrilled – the girls or Ainsley – when they were awarded fourth place! I know the smile on my face was hard to remove.

At the end-of-year night Rebecca was awarded the clubs Most Improved Member. All of her hard work and dedication had paid off. I was so proud I thought my heart would burst!

Rebecca practiced Physie over the holidays and really missed her teacher, Ainsley, but she is back at classes again, learning new dances. Everton Physie a great place to be and I would recommend this form of dance to anyone with daughters who simply love dance and music.