Proper nutrition is extremely important to consider as it will fuel your body in preparation for your weekly Physie class.  Nutrition also has a huge impact on your performance and can have a significant affect on your recovery.
Pre-Physie snacks should be a combination of protein and carbohydrates with some fat.
They also need to be light enough so that they won’t weigh you down and stop you from practicing to the best of your ability.
A simple go to snack before a physie class is a banana, boiled egg  or fruit with some oatmeal.
Post- Physie snacks should be eaten within 30 minutes of finishing your class and should contain protein and some carbohydratesalmonds
– keeping the fat content low.
A handful of almonds and a juice are the perfect snack after your Physie lesson and will keep your metabolism burning!
Remember to stay hydrated before,
during and after your Physie lesson!