Today is the final instalment of our week of blogs on Teamwork.  We asked some physie girls what they liked about being in a team.  It seems that being with your friends gets the most votes.  Here’s what they said…

“I love doing physie for myself but I love it even more when it’s teams. To be in a team I have to learn to do it in time with the other girls. We all do it together and they’re my friends so I like that.” Sarah, 9

“There’s girls in our club who never had the confidence to compete on their own.  Being in a team, they were next to their friends and I think that gave them the confidence to compete. So the next year they decided they could do it on their own in champion girl.” Kayla, 12

“Our teacher says we’re all really special and we always get a bear or something.” Alex, 6.

“As a teacher the thing I love about teams the most is that special connection I have with my girls.  They look at you while they’re on the floor with a look that says ‘am I doing okay? Am I getting it right?’  I smile and reassure them. And then when they come off the floor they run to you for a group hug and it’s worth more than any certificate or medal.” Emma

“Some of us ladies have been in teams with the same friends now for 40 or 50 years. It’s an annual event – there’s a commitment to those people that nothing else is more important, that you will make time for them, for the team, for your physie family.” Kay

“Doing teams with your physie friends, it’s different to things you do with other friends.  With physie it’s that we did it together, we achieved as a group and we all had to get it together to do well.  That makes the friendships stronger – kind of unbreakable .” Laura, 16

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” Kenyan Proverb