The competition season brings out the whole range of emotions from excitement to disappointment, focus, pride, friendship and celebration.  But not only that – it reveals great moments of sportsmanship. There’s nothing quite so touching as seeing a child genuinely congratulating another child – or even more poignantly, comforting another child when they are upset. This is something we see all the time in Physie and we are proud to be a sport that engenders this behaviour amongst members.

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The team spirit is also in full swing at the comps – working as a team is a great experience for kids and educational too, learning that the team succeeds when everyone pulls in the same direction.  As the classic quote says “There’s no I in Team”. With competitors travelling great distances to comps, we also see kids who only meet up once a year at competitions, with happy reunions occurring all over the country. Teachers hold their breath, laugh, smile and sometimes cry (happy tears that is) and when it’s all over, there’s a small ice-cream treat to be had on the way home…

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