BuddhaFestival13Runcorn Park Physie girls were invited to perform at the 2014 Buddha Birthday Festival Celebrations at Southbank Parklands in Brisbane City. The festival is one of Queensland’s most prestigious cultural events attracting over 200,000 local and international visitors each year and is now recognised as the largest annual Buddha Birthday celebration in the world!BuddhaFestival11

Runcorn Park club is very proud of their cultural diversity, with girls from many different backgrounds enjoying classes together each week.

They recently celebrated this by performing as part of the Multicultural Performance sessions which showcased diverse groups, promoting harmony and appreciation of different cultures.BuddhaFestival12

In just 2 short rehearsals, 12 girls put together a remarkable display of physie teamwork. They enjoyed a 6 hour day together at Southbank, with 2 stage performances and lots of time to explore the festivities.

Teacher Stephanie says “we were so proud of their enthusiasm in both the lead up to the festival and all throughout the day – they represented our club, BjP and Physie with pride!”

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