Our 8 performers for the DVD have finished the syllabus and have been training hard to perfect their work. Here’s some photos of them practicing.

We asked them how they were feeling about making the DVD and here’s what they said:

Ava : 5-6 years
“It’s been lots of fun getting ready for the DVD. I am most excited about the two leotards I get to wear!”

Shaylee: 7-8 years
“I’m glad I get to do the DVD. I am so excited and nervous at the same time, can’t wait for the day to come.”

Abby : 9-10 years
“I’m feeling very excited for my second time on the dvd, can’t wait for the day. I am working really hard, practising my physie in the mirror. I want to make my club proud.”

Charlotte : 11-12 years
“I’m really excited to be doing the DVD for Physie 2014. I have been working hard and I have been doing lots of practice. I have also had lots of fun too. I really enjoyed going to pick the leotards that I will get to wear. I can’t wait for the big day!”

Martina : 13-14 years
“I’m really looking forward to filming the DVD. I’ve got plenty of nerves and butterflies but I hope the hard work and practise will all pay off in the end!”

Alexandra : 15-1st years
“Wow! Between the hard work, the butterflies and lots of fun mixed in, I’m feeling so privileged to be a part of this amazing experience. It truly is a dream come true!”

Phoebe : Seniors
“I can’t believe the DVD shoot is only two days away! I have always loved watching all the girls on the physie DVD and it’s a real privilege to be a part of it all. I have enjoyed the challenge of learning the work quickly and really love the syllabus this year. I’m a little bit nervous but very, very excited!! :)”

Alison : Ladies
“I feel extremely privileged and excited to be sharing the DVD journey with my student Ava. Growing up, I did physie with Ava’s mum and remember meeting Ava in hospital when she was just a few days old. Now she is 6 and we get to perform on the DVD together!”


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