While most of us are still learning our physie photoroutines, there’s 8 physie girls who’ve finished and are ready to shoot the DVD tomorrow!  Here’s what some of them said today at rehearsal.

Sienna, 7: “I’m looking forward to everything. I’m not really nervous… I’m “ner-cited” – that’s a cross between nervous and excited.”IMG_9315

Natasha, 8: “I’ve been practising a lot with my teacher – she’s really nice. I’m excited and nervous and I’m looking forward to doing my physie and doing my best.”

Sarah, 10: “I’ve done the video before and I loved making new friends there.  This time I’m a little bit nervous but I’m also looking forward to it.  I’ve been practising with  my teacher – I like her because she’s always there for me.”

Aleisha, 12: “I left home at 7am this morning and flew down to Sydney with my teacher Stephanie – she’s great.  I’m not really nervous because she’s told me a lot about it so I think it’ll be okay.  I’m looking forward to the feeling of being there on the set in the TV studio.  I’m the only Queenslander but I think maybe I’ll make some new friends.”

photo 2Rachael, 16:  “Making the video is a dream come true for me – it would have to be the highlight of my physie career and I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Brooke, 16:  “I wouldn’t be doing the DVD if it wasn’t for my teacher Emma. I hope I make her proud. For me it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and see how it’s all put together, how it all happens… can’t wait.”