Balancing! While it looks easy, your base of support constantly changes as you perform your physie routines.
Try the following activities to help you build your confidence, mental focus and technique:

  • Strengthen your base: It’s difficult to hold a balance if your base is wobbly.  Focus on strengthening your ankles and legs and the muscles around them.
  • Engage your core: Engaging your core is a major key in finding your balance and holding it.
  • Practice: When you practice in your room, try not to look in the mirror. Challenge yourself and try a balance with the lights turned off or your eyes closed to increase the difficulty.
  • Find a Focus Point: Keep your eyes lifted with an outward focus. Try to find a spot to stare at and avoid spotting into the audience as we all know that person will stand up and move as soon as you go into the balance!
  • Think Happy Thoughts: Tell yourself that you can do it! Negative thoughts will just bring your down, literally.