As we all start to get ready for another busy physie year with registration days, learning the syllabus, first lessons and celebrating our 125 years, I’m reminded by an amazing little girl why I continue to share my passion for our awesome all inclusive dance sport.  
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A Physie Story
My precious daughter, who could barely walk properly at 2, who has Cerebral Palsy, came to me when she was 5 and said ‘ … Mummy, I want to be like Angelina Ballerina’ and my heart sank! How could I let this little girl believe that she couldn’t! After a year or so I heard the word Physie for the first time in my life and I was 43!!! So, I took her. I was so scared I could hardly talk, my daughter was so excited she could hardly talk too – and there was Cheryl, who smiled at me and said ‘of course she can’ and she did ? ! My gorgeous, shy, tempestuous, special daughter donned a leotard and competed in a Physie team at State level that year … 2 years on … Her Mummy was in a beginners team that achieved 4th place! Describing the confidence and self belief that the practice of Physie engenders is difficult! My suggestion is take a deep breath, step out, point your toes and smile – who knows where you will end up!