Sitting down for too long each day is bad for your health so embrace movement in your day, every day!
Our motto has been “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” for 128 years – in latin that’s mens sana in corpore sano.
Try these five stretches that you can do from your chair and hopefully they help to keeping you active throughout the day before you head off to your Physie lesson.


This pose is designed to release tension, so slip your shoes off, and ground yourself by connecting all 4 corners of your feet to the floor. Keep your hips forward; knees directly in line with ankles; engage your core; and push your shoulder blades down.
Inhale through your nose as you raise your arms, then take 5 deep breaths.


Plant your feet on the floor, place hands on thighs, and lengthen your spine in neutral position. Inhale, and arch your back. Exhale out and round the spine, allowing your head and shoulders to naturally come forward. Repeat this 5 times.


This stretch is designed to stretch the spine and reduce stress.  Start in Mondays pose, and as you exhale hinge forward from your hips, taking your head down towards the floor. Rest your chest on your thighs, and place your hands on the floor. Stay here as you take 5 deep breaths. Sit up slowly out of this pose as you inhale.



Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Reach your arms up overhead and let your palms come together. Tilt your body over to one side and then return to the centre. Repeat opposite.


Pulling your ears is a technique that increases circulation to your face, activates awareness, and decreases stress, which is exactly what we all need on a Friday!

Start by pulling your middle earlobe out to the side four times. Pull your lower earlobe down lightly four times, and then your upper earlobe upwards four times.