What do you like to do in the physie break?

“The days of long school or uni holidays that coincide with the physie break are unfortunately behind me, but when physie finishes for the year I do have a lot more time and find plenty of ways to fill it.

 I enjoy having more time to spend with my husband Tristan, who is very supportive during the physie season. We live in Canberra and over summer we enjoy walking around Lake Burley Griffin. We try and do this every day and I’d like to say we keep it up during the year, but during winter when the temperature drops below zero it sure is difficult!

 Emma1On the weekends I love visiting Jervis Bay on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends in Wollongong or enjoying a quiet weekend at home – a very rare treat even in the off-season!

 I also make plenty of time for catching up with my physie friends during the break. We can spend hours chatting and brunch often turns into an all-day event when we’re together!”


What’s your favourite hobby or something that people might not know about you?

“Physie is my favourite hobby, of course! But the majority of my time is spent working at the Attorney‑General’s Department where I advise on communication and change management.”

How do you keep fit, healthy and flexible over the break so that you’re ready for the new year?

“To keep acemma2tive over the break I do a couple of Bikram Yoga classes a week which I love. I think I enjoy it so much because it’s just like a 90 minute exercises and floordrill routine! Since starting yoga I have increased my strength and improved my flexibility as well as managed an ongoing injury. I try and keep up at least one yoga class a week all year, but in November when physie is in full swing that’s not always possible!”

 This summer I’ve also discovered a new way to improve my fitness – a 1km stair and ladder climb up the Wollongong escarpment. It’s hard work, but the view from the top is well worth it!