Q: How long have you been doing Physie?
A: I initially started Physie when I was 8 for a few years until 11, then I returned as a Lady when I was 26.

Q: Where is your club located in Australia?
A: I opened Cairns in Far North Queensland in 2019 after my husband accepted a 3 year posting with the Army and we have since decided to live permanently in this beautiful part of the world.

Q: When you started your club, what was the most surprising or unexpected thing?

A: How quickly we out grew our venue and how many Ladies were thrilled they could return to Physie after many years away from the sport.

Q: What do you love most about teaching Physie?
A: They always say when you do something you enjoy things fall into place. I personally love practicing myself and watching the Ladies beginning to form their life-long friendships, while achieving their own personal goals along the way.

Q: What’s your favourite inspirational quote or mantra?
A: Improvise, adapt and overcome.

Q: What’s your favourite routine?
A: I would have to say all routines bring something special, yet with a music background I really enjoy watching the individual interpretation of the Ladies Advanced.

Q: What’s your favourite Physie memory or moment?
A: On a personal level hearing your number being called out is always pretty special. But, from a teacher’s perspective, putting our “inaugural” Novice and Intermediate Ladies team for Cairns Physie on the floor in a crazy COVID year was a very proud moment!

Q: Who has inspired you the most on your Physie journey and why?
A: My mum. One of my treasured memories was Mum saying “good luck with your new venture opening your club”. Mum and opening Cairns Physie share a very special anniversary. Emma Sadd has also been a great mentor to me as both a student and a teacher.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who’s thinking of starting a new club?
A: Beck Hoggard and her amazing Queensland team of teachers have supported me in many ways, along with BJP Head Office who are definitely not scary and are always there to help. Just trust your own skills, believe in yourself and there is always someone that will help if you don’t know the answer.

Q: What has been the greatest reward of Physie for you?
A: I have formed many beautiful friendships during my years of Physie J and have experienced some truly extraordinary achievements along the way.