Q: What’s your first physie memory?

A: Doing a team at 5 years old at the Seymour Centre in Sydneyand leading my team back to the entry door to where mum was standing because I didn’t see the door we were meant to go through.  At the presentation of awards I was struck with fright and couldn’t walk over to the judges, so they came over to our team to present the pennant.

Q: What was your motivation at physie when you were growing up?

A:  It was never about winning. And I had disappointment but never showed it publicly.  It was about reaching milestones and, more importantly, remembering and building on the skills I was learning. It was just about being involved – my love of physie still comes from involvement, not collecting medals and cups.

Q: What have you got from doing physie?

A: Physie helped with the transition into young adulthood when other activities like school, swimming and running became too challenging.  Physie follows you wherever you live, even when you think nobody knows who you are, like when I was doing 2 years nursing in Wagga – physie was there for me.  I’ve moved 3 times in my life and physie has been a part of each new adventure – and I wasn’t always looking for it, which is the surprise.  I’ve made lifelong friends and I’ve learned invaluable life skills – confidence, the ability to solve or work around a problem, facing my fears, managing stress and prioritising what is important.

Q: Who has been significant in your physie journey?

A: My mum, both as my teacher and as my mum – I love and admire that she was able to keep the two roles separate.  She is my inspiration for always striving for more, whether it be knowledge, precision, persistence, personal strength or growth.  She’s always said, “It won’t happen today, tomorrow or the next…. But it will happen!”

Q:  Was it easy to start teaching physie?

A: No – but through physie I have built the confidence to stand out the front of classes and teach, which I never thought I could do.  This new found strength has crossed over into everyday life.  Physie has transformed my life in so many ways.

Q: What advice would you give to young physie girls today?

A: To succeed, first you have to dream. With support you can do anything.


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