My earliest physie memory is…. doing the Tiny Tots class at Sylvania. I only started walking at 20 months of age and mum took me to physie shortly after I turned 2. I also remember my first interclub, competing as a four-year-old in the five-year section. The judges called my number out as sixth place. I was so excited and told my mum and nanna, “If I try really hard next time, I might get seventh!”

The best piece of advice I ever received was…. “Pretend you’re the only one on the floor.”

My favourite quote is…. from one of the mums at our club who was helping the team practice. She said, “Smile girls. You all look like serial killers.”

I can’t choose just one favourite Physie moment. Of course, I was super excited when I first won Nationals at 7 years old and then earlier this year when I won the 14s. I also loved performing on the DVD in 2015. When my sister won Nationals, I got so excited that I dropped the iPad I was filming with. Then there was the BJP 125 Spectacular, and the team comps…

I’ll never give up physie because…. I have made a lot of friends through physie. My sister, my mum and my auntie also do physie at Sylvania, and my nanna who used to do physie still loves coming to watch so it’s a real family activity. I don’t know life without it.

When I’m not doing physie… I’m watching the Sharks play footy and spending time with my family, friends or my sausage dog, Chipper. He loves to watch me practice physie.

I’ll always be grateful for… all the teachers I’ve had at Sylvania: Jane, Caryn, Karen, Carly and Tearne. Every one of them has had a huge impact on my physie journey. My mum has also put in many hours helping me practice at home.

If I could have any superhero power it would be…. the ability to teleport from one location to another. I’ve always suffered from travel sickness so this would mean I could turn up to comps without looking green, and I’d be able to eat breakfast beforehand.

My favourite routine is…. Floor Drill. Or the dance. Or any routine that I don’t mess up.

To prepare for physie competitions…. I practice, practice and practice!

My favourite thing about performing is…. enjoying putting my best effort in all the way to the last routine. I feel like I’ve accomplished something if I know I tried my hardest.

My Physie teacher always says…. “Breathe”. She usually says this just after she sees me go blue in the face in class.

I am inspired by…. my amazing physie teachers Tearne and Carly. I love to watch them perform and they know everything there is to know about physie.


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