My life as a Physie Lady in 5 words:  Social. Fun. Enjoyment. Passion. Determination.
My Earliest Physie memory…. is when I was 5 years old at an interclub when mum was attempting to curl my hair with an old-school curling iron. I was not a kid that sat still and insisted on jumping around so I promptly got a burn on my forehead from the curling wand. I had to compete that day with a big sore across my face!
The best piece of advice I have ever heard…. was ‘Just Keep Swimming’. It’s a cliché but, if you think about it, it can apply to all aspects and situations in life.
My favourite quote is…. “ You’ve got to make me believe that you belong up there, that you own that stage and that nobody is going to take it from you.”
My Favourite Physie moment was….. hearing my club’s name called when I was under the spotlight the first time that I ever made Grand at the Opera House. It was honoured and proud to represent my Physie family.
I’ll never give up Physie because…. the joy, love, friendships and sense of family that it brings me is something I never want to let go of.
When I’m not doing Physie I…. spend most of any spare time with family or friends and making each day full and vibrant! I was previously a paediatric nurse but had to take some time off due to illness which then beautifully ended in the birth of my daughter. Unfortunately, due to her own health struggles, I’m currently her full-time carer. I have the best job title of “Mummy” and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing.
I’ll always be grateful for… all the people I’ve met and pathways I’ve travelled so far in life because I truly believe each one has been there for a purpose. Whether it worked out or not, I feel they have taught me something, so that I could move forward with my life and become the best version of me!
If I could have any superhero power in the world it would be…. to heal.
My Favourite routine is…. the floor drill but I also LOVE to March…. I also secretly love to watch someone perform a good, smooth march too!
Preparing to perform on the 2022 DVD was…. simply surreal. I never thought I’d have this kind of opportunity so to be performing alongside Sally, a Physie idol of my own, made me awestruck most of the time. Learning the work in such a short time can seem overwhelming but it’s only as stressful as you make it. It’s definitely doable 😉
My Favourite thing about the video shoot was…. how incredibly RELAXED the whole atmosphere was. There was absolutely no pressure put on any of us video performers in any way which made the whole rehearsal day and filming day a fun, relaxed and chilled-out experience!
I’m lucky enough that my teacher is my mum who, in my eyes, is the absolute best of the best. Our whole Physie life she has always encouraged us to just go out, do our best and have fun… then anything after that is a pure bonus.
I am inspired by…. anyone willing to chase their dream, stay determined and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!