Q: How long have you been doing Physie?
A: I started my Physie journey when I was 3 years old at North Rocks. I first became a part of the BJP teaching community in 2018 and resumed teaching this year when I opened a new club.

Q: Where is your club located in Australia?
A: Our club is located in Marsden Park. Classes are currently held in Plumpton and Woodcroft while we await the opening of a new community centre in 2022.

Q: What do you love most about teaching Physie?
A: There are many things I love about teaching physie! My aim is for every girl and lady to leave my classes having tried their best and having learned something new. Whether it’s a new stretch or the application of a correction, growth is growth. It brings me such pride and joy to witness these athletes improve across the year, achieve personal bests and forge unbreakable friendships. Having the opportunity to share my own love and knowledge of this sport is truly a blessing I don’t think I will ever take it for granted.

Q: What’s your favourite routine and why?
A: My favourite routine is the exercises! It requires such strength and precision and is always paired to an absolute foot tapper of a track.

Q: What’s your favourite inspirational mantra?

A: ‘Hard work pays off’ – Matt Fraser, 5x Fittest Man on Earth (Crossfit Games 2016 – 2020)
I remember repeating this on a loop in my head as I changed markers in my 2020 NSW State Final. I believe that what you pull out on the competition floor is a reflection of the effort and intensity you bring to every class – the work gets done when no one else is watching. I tell myself: do today what other people aren’t willing to do so that tomorrow you can do what other people can’t.

Q: What’s your favourite Physie memory?
A: My favourite physie memories (and they really encompass what physie is to me) are travelling with my family on Saturday afternoons after netball in August to wherever our interclubs were for the weekend, staying in a hotel with my mum and sisters and having dinner with the whole club. The community we have at Physie is something irreplaceable in my heart.

Q: Who has inspired you the most on your Physie journey and why?
A: My Mum has definitely been my biggest supporter throughout my Physie career, always inspiring me to work hard and be resilient. In terms of a physie Idol, I have to pick Nadina Zappia – I have always aspired to be like her as a teacher and a competitor. She always performs with such strength and grace. The first time I watched the Opera House in 2010, she won Grand Champion Girl and watching her perform ‘Halo’ for her solo was the definition of passion and inspiration!

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