My life as a Physie girl/lady in 5 words is… fun, friends, family, strong, determined.

The best piece of advice I ever received was… to tell myself that I can do it and to never give up. Every competition I always say that before I go on the floor and it helps to take away my nerves.

My favourite quote is… “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up!” This is a quote my Aunty Carly would go by each day of her breast cancer journey and I say this quote to get me motivated each day like she did.

I’ll never give up Physie because… it brings so much happiness to my life and I want to be able to do physie until I’m 70+.

When I’m not doing Physie… I’m dancing, doing little athletics, swimming or watching my brother Ace play soccer.

I’ll always be grateful for… my family, my number one supporters, and my nan for always believing in me.

My favourite routine this year is… the Cardio because it’s upbeat and so much fun.

My Physie teacher always says…Callie, tuck your bum in!”

Preparing to perform on the 2024 video was… amazing and exciting! It was the best experience with my teachers Aimee, Kez and Wendy. I enjoyed the challenge of learning the syllabus. It took a lot dedication which I was ready for and I am so grateful that I got this opportunity. I really loved that I got to meet the most talented and kindest physie girls and I got to meet Jackie and Kim – that was a highlight for me.

I am inspired by… my sister Imogen. Immi is someone I always look up to. She is the best sister who always encourages, supports and inspires me with everything I do. Immi was the 9-10yrs video syllabus girl in 2021 and I always wanted to be on the tv like her!!


July 18th, 2024|

Here is a weekly series to help you perfect some key Physie positions. Watch the video to see


July 16th, 2024|

Back in the 1920’s physical culture included Grecian Posing, a form of movement that depicted emotions like joy,

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