My life as a Physie girl in 5 words is… Cardio, Floordrill, Relaxed, Exercise, Dance

My earliest Physie memory is… Doing a promotional Physie video with Grand-champion, Brooke Davies, wearing my little purple tutu. 

The best piece of advice I ever received was… You’ve done the work, now go out there and have fun!

My favourite quote is… “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

I’ll never give up Physie because… I love learning new routines each year with my Physie friends and having my teachers believe in me – that helps me to achieve my goals.

When I’m not doing Physie I’m… Playing touch footy, flipping on my airtrack and walking my dog.

I’ll always be grateful for... All my Physie teachers since I was 2 years old – Elizabeth, Claudia, Caitlin, Kiara and Anne, and my physie friends for making me happy at practice every week.

If I could have any superhero power it would be…. Teleportation – so I’m not late for anything, I can just be there in an instant.

My favourite physie routine is… Exercises, because I love the strong music, holding different counts and making moves nice and sharp.

To prepare for physie competitions  I do lots of practice in the lead up and stretch with my sister Issy.

My favourite thing about performing is Wearing new physie gear, showing how hard I’ve worked, and hearing my sister Soph cheer for me louder than anyone else.

I’m looking forward to… Going to interclub competitions again with friends from my club, and seeing my physie friends from other clubs there too. Also, Mt Ousley is holding their first Interclub since I can remember – I’m really looking forward to that!

My Physie teacher always says…. ‘If it’s not sharp, I’ll get the shoe out’ (she bangs it on the floor so we make it sharp.)

I am inspired by…. My big sister, Issy, for always making me work as hard as I can because now I know that all the hard work does pay off. Also my Mum, Dad, other big sister Soph, and my grandparents for making sure I’m always the best person I can be.