Do you love the new Bows and Scrunchies for BJP competitions? Great news…. They are all now available online with a click of a button. Click here to order!

BJP is delighted to announce the launch of a new range of bows and scrunchies for junior girls to wear in Champion Girl. This year we are introducing two large clip-on bows in rainbow and pastel colours as well as 15 Lycra scrunchies that colour-match the leotards.  A picture paints a thousand words so here’s what they look like!

We’re sure you have lots of questions. We hope we have answered them all below.

Q: Can we still wear 2.5cm ribbon if we wish to?
A: Yes. The bows and scrunchies are being offered in addition to the existing 2.5cm ribbon rule.

Q: Does this mean I can make my own bows and scrunchies?
A: No. They must be purchased from BJP’s official supplier and have the BJP logo on them.

Q: Who is BJP’s official supplier?
A: Bows & Things

Q: How much do they cost?
A: Bows are $8 and scrunchies are $6 plus postage.

Q: How do we order?
A: You can order direct from Bows & Things by clicking here!

Q: How wide is the ribbon on the bow?
A: 7.5cm

Q: Can we wear bows or scrunchies for teams?
A: Yes you can wear any hair accessories for teams that your teacher chooses.

Q: What are the scrunchies made of?
A: They are made from the same matt lycra as the leotards with a BJP logo sewn to one seam.

Q: What are the bows made of?
A: They are made from Grosgrain multi-coloured ribbon, with a metal slide clip at the back and stamped with a silver BJP heart logo. The ribbon is printed on one side only.

Q: How do I know what colours will feature most on my bow?
A: The ribbon is randomly cut so, when the bows are made, some colours feature more than others. If you indicate your colour preference when you order the bright rainbow bow, Bows & Things will try to send you a bow that features your colour. For example, if you tell Bows & Things you have a pink leotard, they will try to send you a bow that features the colour pink.

Q: Can I cut a scrunchie and wear it as a headband?
A: No. A scrunchie is for wearing around a ponytail or pigtails.

Q: Can I wear more than one scrunchie at a time?
A: You can only wear one scrunchie unless you have 2 pigtails on the side of your head and you wear matching scrunchies on each pigtail.

Q: Can I wear two bows?
A:  No.

Q: Can I order a bow in a plain colour?
A: This year just the rainbow and pastel bows are on offer. Next year we will look at expanding the range if the bows are popular this year.

Q: Can I get a scrunchie in cosmic print
A: Yes.

Q: Can I order bows and scrunchies all year round or is there a limited ordering period?
A: You can order at any time, while stocks last.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: 2-3 weeks from payment, depending on how fast Australia Post delivers to your area.

Q: How much is postage?
A: The minimum amount is $3. This size package fits a maximum of 2 bows and 1 scrunchie.

Q: Can my order be express posted?
A: Yes, at an additional cost. Prices will be listed on the Bows & Things website.

Q: Can we order team hair accessories from Bows & Things?
A: Yes. Just send them an email via their website and they will contact you to discuss what you would like and give you a price.

Q: Why can’t we make our own wide-ribbon bows and scrunchies?
A: BJP is dedicated to creating a level playing field for all competitors. By offering the bows and scrunchies through an official supplier, we can guarantee that everyone’s hair accessory is the same size, making it fair for all. In addition to checking the 2.5cm ribbons at comps, we don’t have the extra manpower to measure wide-ribbon bows and scrunchies to ensure that they comply with the rules. It will be simpler and fairer if they are all purchased from one official supplier.

If you have any more questions, please ask your teacher. If they don’t know the answer, they will find out for you from BJP.

We hope you LOVE the new bows and scrunchies and enjoy wearing them. ?

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