“I love Physie!  It’s so much fun with lots of laughs and I love dancing with my friends!

Physie makes me feel like I can do anything; take on the world all with a smile on my face…. “

From Sienna


“Sienna loves her Physie and her Pony Cody, so why not combine the two …12117660405BFB4D70
My daughter joined Physie two years ago. She was a quiet and shy little girl that clung to me so desperately!
I have watched my little girl be empowered by Physie.  She now has so much confidence to do things without mum!
I would recommend giving Physie a try.  You have nothing to lose, but heaps for your little girl to gain!”

Mel, Sienna’s Mum

Recently Sienna won an Australia Day award for a Children’s Calendar she designed, and without hesitation, with her head held high; she went on stage in front of a huge crowd, to accept her prize.

It has been such a joy watching BjP empower Sienna with confidence, giving her many fun opportunities and producing so many smiles and self-assurance.  Sienna is just one of thousands of little girls who make their Physie teachers feel that all their hard work is worth it.