Physie is a fantastic sport for sisters to share with each other. The Woy Woy Physie Club had 4 sets of sisters perform at Nationals in 2015. These sisters know what it takes to achieve a personal best as they practice together each week, sharing each others passion and goals.

Here are some comments from the girls about why they love physie and their Nationals experience:

CHARLI WHITE 13 yrs and SATENE WHITE 11 yrsCharli White, 13 years ”I love Physie because I can make so many new friends and will create memories that will stay with me forever. I also love it because it’s exercise whilst fun.  I loved Nationals last year because I got to see physie friends from other areas that I hadn’t seen since the year before.  I also love that I can have a final performance of all I have learnt during the year, and that my teacher walks me down to the drop off point to say encouraging words and I know she will be proud.”

Satene White, 11 years “I love Physie because I make lots of friends that are so nice to me. I like dancing and I like that my sister loves physie so I can do something with her. My favourite memory from Nationals was that I did the splits for the first time ever! It was my first time there and I made lots of friends and the whole day was a lot of fun.”

KIARA GONZALEZ 9 Yrs AND CHEYANNA GONZALEZ 12 yrsKiara Gonzalez, 9 years “Nationals was a very fun time. I achieved a personal best and being there with my sister made it even more special. I love physie because I get to learn fun dances each year and make lots of new friends!”

Cheyanna Gonzalez, 12 years “Physie has taught me to be resilient and to always try my best.  I have made lifelong friends and being at Nationals with my sister has been a great experience. I love physie!”



Tillie Kennedy, 6 years “I love Physie because it makes me happy. It’s so fun and I have the bestest teachers ever ever ever. My favourite days are Physie days when I get to see my friends and dance. Since I was 2 I wanted to go to Nationals and be like my big sister, last year I finally got to go. It was really big and really scary and I got a little bit nervous but when it was finished it was so fun and I wanted to do it
again. I can’t wait till Physie starts again!”

 Tahlia Kennedy, 11 years “Physie to me is more than a dance class. It’s like my family. I have been doing Physie for 8 Years and can’t imagine my life without it. I’m really lucky to have 2 teachers who I love and adore and who have taught me so much. They’ve given me the confidence to believe in myself. With hard work anything is possible. The thing I love most about Nationals is each year I learn something new. When I sit and watch all those amazing girls, It makes me want to work harder and practice more the next year. Over the years I’ve made so many special friends from my club and other clubs and I love catching up with them and seeing their dreams come true.”
LARA LOW 7 yrs AND EMILY LOW 9 yrsEmily Low, 9 years “Physie has taught me that it doesn’t matter whether you get a place or not, it’s all about doing your best and having fun.  This was my first time at Nationals in my 3rd year of physie and I loved it.”

Lara Low, 7 years “I love physie because I get to have fun with my friends. I have great teachers and I like that we get to do so much dancing. This was my second time at Nationals in my 3rd year of physie and it was fun meeting girls from other clubs.


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