Can you feel it? The anticipation of a new Physie year is here! Clubs are busy getting the word out about this amazing sport. Classes are recommencing and the new syllabus is ready to be taught in clubs all across Australia!

Perhaps, like I was, you have been invited to Physie and you don’t have much idea what to expect. Little by little your own personal journey of Physie will unfold.

What you need to know for now are some of the incredible benefits of doing Physie.

  1. Physie challenges both the body and the mind as you learn the routines and practice the steps. The movements develop strength, balance, co-ordination and good posture.
  2. Physie connects you to new friendships and provides an opportunity to be inspired by role models and to be an inspiration to those who look up to you.
  3. Physie teaches you to work in a team and work together to achieve amazing things!
  4. Physie is choreographed in a way that is safe for growing bodies but complex enough to stretch your current abilities.
  5. Physie runs in the family! Physie is intergenerational and is a sport that grandma, mum and daughter can enjoy together. Different routines are made for different ages and abilities.
  6. Physie builds confidence and the ability to challenge yourself mentally. Setting personal goals and working towards them with the help and support of your teachers and club brings about amazing growth.
  7. Physie is a whole lot of fun! You can participate in social events, competitions days, club get-togethers, workshops, classes and so much more.
  8. Physie memories are treasured for a lifetime. Ask any Physie girl to recall her favourite memories of Physie and watch her face light up! Photos of friends, leotards, travelling to events and enjoying performing routines in teams or in Champion Girl are never hard to find when you now a Physie girl.
  9. Physie improves your memory, cognitive function and lifts your mood!
  10. Physie empowers girls and women to be strong, self-assured, encouraging and disciplined individuals who take the life lessons they learn from Physie and apply them to other areas of their lives.

And that’s just 10 of the benefits to being involved in Physie!

So, ready to join?

Tamara Stiller