Age Groups

Physical Culture is taught for all ages. From pre-school children right through to ladies. BjP choreographs age appropriate routines that maximize the benefits of physie.

Title Age Group
Preschoolers Under 5 years (non-competitive)
Juniors 5-6 years
7-8 years
9-10 years
11-12 years
13-14 years
Seniors 15-16 years
17 years
18 years
Open Seniors 19-20 years
21-22 years
23-24 years
25-26 years
Over 27 years
Ladies over 18 years
(not competing in Open Ladies)
Beginner Ladies (for 1 year)
Novice Ladies (for 2 years)
Intermediate Ladies (for 3 years)
Open Ladies Under 33 years
Over 33 years
Over 40 years
Over 50 years
Over 60 years


Age Groups 1

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