• Kicks must be executed by raising and lowering the working leg with control.
  • The body must remain firm by engaging core muscles. Do not cave the chest or push the pelvis forward.
  • Hips must remain level. Do not lift the hip of the working leg.
  • Both legs must be remain straight throughout the movement. Do not bend the knee of the supporting leg.
  • Both legs and feet must be turned out, toes pointed on the working leg.
  • Keep shoulders back and neck elongated.
  • For front kicks the working leg should be directly in front of the same shoulder.
  • For corner kicks, the leg points to the incline – 45 degrees from front. Ensure the heel is under and leg turned out.
  • For side kicks, the leg should be back in line with the body, pointing directly to the side – 90 degrees from front, with the leg turned out and knee on top.

For fan kicks, it’s imperative that the supporting knee stays straight and the body doesn’t cave in.


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