Physie Flashback 2006

Recipients of the first 30 year Service Medals, when they were introduced in 2006. From left to right: Marianne Kavanagh, Jan McGechie, Joyce Crouchman, Denise Hanley, Shirley Wolfson, Janet Beaumont, Isabel Bugden and June Renaud.

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Who makes the comps happen?

This week a big shout out to all the people who make the competitions run.... you know who you are and we want to say THANKS!  You help provide a wonderful experience for our competitors - a chance to shine in front of an audience, to learn that winning and losing are

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New teachers get excited

The Belmont physie club has been around for 25 years but this year has two new teachers on board, Allana and Leanne.  They have been doing physie for over 20 years and are both so excited to be teaching. Allana says, "Belmont physie is a small club with huge potential and we have

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