Hi Everyone, My name is Hilary Balmond and I am a documentary Editor and Director.  I am in the process of developing a documentary all about Physie and its place in the Australian cultural landscape.

I find Physical Culture fascinating. I love the fact that it is uniquely Australian. And the contradiction that it is hugely popular yet I continue to come across people that know nothing about it – and now it has several generations of participants!
BJP Logo Girl in Circle

I am at the beginning of my Physie journey and have a lot to learn but I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the responses from the BJP Physie girls that I have spoken to so far.

My team and I are in the process of creating a ‘sizzle reel’ – a short video piece that shows our vision for the film. The sizzle reel will be used to apply for funding so that we might film with you, and follow your Physie journeys, throughout next year.

To have a truly rich and representative documentary, we hope to film with your clubs all over the country. This will allow us to have moments that capture the actual physical Australian landscape as well as the Physie community within it. Hopefully we’ll also get to talk to mums and dads, judges and teachers, choreographers and fundraising BBQ sausage turners and all the other people that keep Physical Culture rolling along and growing (are there any Physie historians out there?!).

I am very excited about the potential of this film and I feel that is an important film to make.  I imagine it will be bright, energetic, surprising and positive. You may see us around over the next few weeks at various competitions. Please feel free to come and say hi!