Ok it’s time!  The music and syllabus are ready and your teacher is madly practicing ready for your classes starting soon!  Are YOU ready?  Have you been stretching over the holidays?  If you have, then GOOD ON YOU! Make sure you tell your teacher coz you’ll make her day!  If not, then get cracking… there’s not long til the physie year starts. Do some stretching every day – it doesn’t take long and your body will thank you for it.  Here’s some simple ones you can even do while you are watching the TV – so there’s no excuse!  Don’t leave it until your first class and then wonder why your body won’t do what it could do last year.  Be prepared and get those muscles supple, relaxed and ready for action on Week 1.  Get going…. NOW! You could even be stretching while you check your news feed…..

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