Square Kneel – leg lift behind

  • Take square kneel position ensure stomach is pulled back to the spine and shoulders are level
  • Raise the leg backwards passing through a toe point behind
  • Keep body still while leg is lifted – don’t let the body cave in or rotate
  • Ensure the raised leg is straight and turned out
  • Ensure the foot of the supporting leg is flat on the floor and straight
  • Ensure the arms stay straight and hands are pushed into the floor (this helps the neck not to sink into the shoulders)
  • Hips need to be kept level and not rotated to assist the lifting of the leg
  • Ensure the lifting and lowering of the leg is completed with control
  • Lift the head slightly as the leg is extended behind (do not try to look up as this will compress the neck)

It is important that you do not over-arch your back. You are aiming for a straight flat line.