Canberra_physieIt wasn’t just great…. it was incredible! With imaginative choreography from Jane Miskovic, inventive lighting and costuming and a LOT of hard work at rehearsals by the 226 physie girls in the cast, this show could only be described as a stunning success!  The girls were so polished, every move was right on cue, every pattern was perfect and they gave 150% in their energy and expression.  And they had a heap of fun too!  It brought back memories of the Olympic Opening Ceremony and showed yet again just what physie girls are capable of doing when you set them a challenge.  Congratulations to every performer and to all the backstage helpers, without whom the show just couldn’t go on.

Some of the “hero girls” were indeed heroes, marching the flags around the arena like champions (loved it that they pointed their toes!!), some getting to hold hands with netball greats – it was an experience of a lifetime for everyone involved.  Girls, we couldn’t be more proud of the way you represented BJP Physie.  Here’s some great photos, mainly sent in by various clubs: thanks to Menai, Mosman, Glenbrook, Nepean and Canberra.  The others were taken by Matt King, sent from Jane Miskovic and can be purchased from Getty Images – just head to their website.

And a final word…. wasn’t it just fantastic to see Australia’s two oldest women’s sports – Netball and Physie – come together to share a proud moment in sporting history.

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